The Smart Meeting Hub

Present Anywhere.


Smart Meeting Hub

Forum is an integrated solution of both hardware and software that allows you to broadcast your presentation to everyone in the room—with or without the Internet.

Forum creates its own local, Wi-Fi network, so anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device and a browser can see your presentation. Yes, it’s that easy.


Problems when presenting.

We've all been there—every presenter knows that panicked feeling when setting-up for a meeting.  How many times have you fumbled over the projector? Can’t locate the right dongle? Or can't figure out the Wi-Fi password?

The same technology that was supposed to make presenting a snap, has gotten in the way and become a complex mess.

Don’t you think it should be easier by now to present in person? We agree. It’s why we created Forum. 


Every Seat is a Front Row

From front row to back row, Forum simultaneously broadcasts to everyone in your meeting—on all different screen sizes and platforms.



Ultra Portable

Forget the days of lugging projectors, cords and hard copies of presentations, Forum is ultra-portable and even fits in your pocket. It's made to have a meeting anywhere you want.



Everyone Connects

With Forum, you’re creating a local Wi-Fi network—independent of the Internet. That means anyone you want can connect and see your presentation. Just connect to Forum and you’re good to go.



Increase the Dialogue

Participants can directly interact with the presenter by conducting live polls, managing questions, downloading files and securely exchanging contact info.



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