Why Forum?

Presentation problems.
Forum simplifies and unifies the experience of meeting in person.

Every presenter knows that panicked feeling while setting up for a meeting when confronted with all the things that can (and usually do) go wrong.

How many times have you fumbled over the projector or can’t locate the right dongle? Or how about Mac vs PC issues? The frustrations are many and complex.


Be ready for business anywhere. Forum enables professionals any place business happens.

Work forces are spending less time in traditional offices, and becoming more flexible about where they work and meet.

Technology that connects us—with or without the internet—allows us to take advantage of more business opportunities when and where they happen.


Connect with your audience.
Forum easily connects presenters and audiences during in-person meetings.

Forum has a variety of engagement features that make it easy to learn more about audiences and increase dialogue without interrupting the meeting.

Presenters no longer have to guess who attended the meeting or miss following-up on a question. These features start to help aid in analytics and lead generation.


Free your workspace.
Teams can connect and meet anywhere in the office.

Forum allows teams to easily connect and collaborate locally around the same presentation by using their own devices. This frees teams to meet when and where they like, without navigating busy conference rooms or presentation hardware.

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Who is Forum good for?
It's great for anyone who simply wants to share a presentation, and better connect with their audience.

  • Sales executives

  • Professional keynote speakers

  • Road-warrior business execs

  • Professors & teachers

  • Coaches & traveling teams


It’s time to stop having meetings and hold a Forum.