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This page is dedicated to helping backers from Indiegogo get started with the Forum Hub, as the product you have is not available anywhere else. Below are a variety of tutorials and FAQs to help get you up and running.

If you still have a question about Forum, please contact Customer Support.

Additional tutorials are available for Forum for Windows 10.

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FAQs for Forum Hub

What is Forum?

Forum (as you’ve backed on Indiegogo) is an integrated presentation solution (software & hardware) that creates an easy and secure way to broadcast presentations in person by generating its own Wi-Fi network. Your meeting attendees can follow along and see your presentation while also directly engaging with the presenter. It greatly reduces the guesswork and technological complexity when conducting an in-person presentation and connects your entire meeting audience and their devices.

How does Forum work?

By using its own self-generated Wi-Fi network—the most-common of technologies— Forum connects multiple devices to simultaneously view a presentation through a browser window. This means not only can you connect directly to a Wi-Fi enabled main display screen, you can also simultaneously broadcast to additional smartphones, tablets or laptops (or any device with a browser). Everyone sees the same presentation simultaneously.

What is the Forum Hub?

The Forum Hub is special piece of hardware that was made available only to Indiegogo backers. It is incredibly small, fits in your pocket and generates its own Wi-Fi signal (which other Wi-Fi enabled devices can join). The Forum Hub dimensions are:


H: 1.96" (49.9mm)

W: 2.5" (63.5mm)  

D: 0.32" (7.8mm)

What kind of devices connect to Forum?

Any device that can connect to Wi-Fi and can launch a browser window can connect to the Forum Hub and see a broadcasted presentation. This includes most smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, large-format smart TVs and Wi-Fi enabled projectors.

How many devices can the Forum Hub connect?

The Forum Hub connects up to 25 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously while still experiencing top performance. Forum can also connect to an established Wi-Fi network with internet access, it can connect hundreds of devices to the same presentation.

Can the Forum Hub also connect to the internet?

Yes. Forum can simultaneously connect to the internet when a Wi-Fi network is available, while also generating its own Wi-Fi network and connecting other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Does Forum come with software?

Yes. Forum is also a software application that can live on the Forum Hub or another device. The Forum software gives a presenter the ability to share his/her presentation with others and directly engage their audience through live polls, fielding questions, downloading related files and exchanging contact information.

Does my presentation need to be in a specific format to work with Forum?

Yes. Forum currently broadcasts presentations only in a .PDF format—a very common file format. Presentations created in most presentation-creation software (like Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote) can be exported as a .PDF format.

In a future software update, Forum will broadcast additional file formats, but for now, presentation files need to be converted to a PDF format to be broadcast to other devices.

Can I store files on my Forum Hub?

Yes. Forum has flexible storage memory through removable Micro SD memory cards and is required for Forum to share a presentation (cards sold separately). MicroSD cards have a range in capacity from 32GB to 400GB. They are available for purchase online and at most stores that sell technology or cameras.

If you still have a question about Forum, please contact Customer Service.