Getting Started

Congratulations on your brand new Forum. There are just a couple things to do before you start powering up and sharing presentations. The first step is to unbox the Forum and make sure everything is included with your shipment.

What’s in the box?

Forum comes with everything you need to get powered up. This includes:

  • Forum Hub (comes with Forum software pre-installed)

  • MicroSD Card (already installed inside the Forum Hub)

  • 6-ft USB-C Cable

  • USB-C Power Adapter

In the Box Short Rev3.png

Please note, your MicroSD card is already installed in the Forum Hub.

If any of these items are missing from your package, please contact Customer Support and we can help you replace any missing parts.

Micro SD card (included)

The Forum Hub already comes shipped with a MicroSD card installed. A Micro SD card is needed in order for Forum to share presentations and work properly.

You can install your own MicroSD card with up to 128 gigs of storage. Most card manufacturers will work with Forum.

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If you’re having any trouble, please contact Customer Support for help.