Powering Forum


Forum needs to be connected to a power supply to work. Use the power adapter and cable supplied to power your Forum Hub.

Power Forum by cable and adapter

Plug one USB-C end of the provided cable into the power adapter.

Plug Power Adapter.jpg

Plug the other USB-C end of the cable into the Forum Hub.

Plug Forum Hub.jpg

Then plug the adapter into an outlet.

Plug Power Source.jpg

Power Forum by laptop with USB-C

Forum can also be powered by a laptop if the specific model has a USB-C port. Plug the USB-C cable into the Forum Hub and the other end into the USB-C port on the laptop.

NOTE: A USB-A adaptor or dongle should not be used to power Forum as it does not provide sufficient power to run the Forum Hub.


Light it up

Once Forum is plugged in, it will be in startup mode. Forum shows a blinking or flickering green light while it’s starting up.

  Forum with flickering light on startup mode.

Green means go

When the light stops flickering and is showing a steady green, Forum is ready to use.

Forum Hub _Green Cable.jpg

Red Zone

Some computers may not have enough power available via their USB-C ports. If so, the light will shine red, indicating Forum is incompatible with that particular port. 


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