Inserting a MicroSD Card

The Forum Hub comes with a pre-installed MicroSD card, but if you ever need to replace it, here is how to remove and insert a card into the Hub. Any MicroSD card will work.

Forum is powered off

Make sure your Forum Hub is powered down before removing or inserting the MicroSD Card.

Card slot location

The MicroSD card slot is located on the right side of the Forum Hub (on the side next to the “M” on the word Forum).

MicroSD slot location on Forum hub.

MicroSD slot location on Forum hub.

Removing the card

Installing the card

With the smaller end of the MicroSD card, make sure the jagged edge is on the right and insert the card into the Forum Hub until it “clicks” into place.

Inserting a MicroSD card

Inserting a MicroSD card

Once the card is securely in place, you can power on your Forum.

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