Setting up your Forum

When you connect to Forum and access the home screen, you will be taken through a few screens to set up a few things to make Forum personalized to you.

Creating a password

The password protects the Forum Hub so no participant can access the stored files or controls.

Forum comes shipped with a temporary password that allows you to access the Forum as the owner, but you will want to create your own.

Keep your password safe

Store your password in a safe place where you can access it in the future. Fasetto cannot recover your password.

Lost passwords and resetting your Forum.

Name your Forum Wi-Fi Network

Your Forum Wi-Fi network already comes with a name “Forum.” You can also customize the name and rename it for any meeting if you like.

Try to keep the networkname simple so it’s easy and clear for your Forum participants to join—use numbers or letters only.

Connect Forum to the internet

Connecting your Forum to the internet through a local Wi-Fi network allows for software updates and registering your Forum.

If a software update is available, it will automatically start downloading on to your Forum Hub.

Forum will remember the Wi-Fi networks you have joined along with their unique passwords.

Register your Forum

Our Customer Service Department can best serve you if your Forum is registered. Please take a moment to register your Forum by visiting our registration page:

Once complete, your Forum is ready for use. A brief tutorial of the “Home Page” will be shown. You can view or skip the tutorial.


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