The Smart Meeting Hub

Hello, Nike.


Conduct a meeting as agile as your athletes on the field.

With Forum, you can present your next idea anywhere on campus or the globe. It’s a technology solution made for presenting, sharing and collaborating anywhere—with or without the Internet. It creates a personal, Wi-Fi network that allows you to broadcast a presentation to everyone in the room. That means any device with a browser can participate.

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An Exclusive Nike Offer

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A Wi-Fi Network That Travels

Forum is an ultra-portable, smart meeting hub that creates its own Wi-Fi. That means it creates a  Wi-Fi network that others can join independently of the Internet. It connects everyone in your meeting as long as they have a browser.

Share Ideas Quickly & Easily

Busy companies know time is at a premium and you want to get presenting right away. Forum eliminates problems with meeting setup while unifying devices, platforms and connectors. It uses uses the most common technologies (Wi-Fi & browser) so everyone can see your presentation.

Flexible & Secure

You control who joins your meeting and sees your presentation. By nature of your Wi-Fi network being personal and temporary, it works independently of other networks and you can choose who sees your presentation. There’s no software to download and any device with a browser can use it. 

Who needs Forum?

Any professional who simply wants to share a presentation can benefit.

. Employees who present a lot
. Road-warrior business execs
. Sales executives
. Professional keynote speakers
. Professors & teachers
. Coaches & traveling teams


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