Manage Your Wi-Fi Network

One of the benefits of using Forum, is its ability to connect devices through any network. Forum also has the ability to create its own Wi-Fi network from a Windows 10 laptop or tablet for others to join—this is called a Forum Access Point.

This tutorial shows you how to manage and customize your Forum Access Point for others to join before you connect your audience in a Forum meeting.


How to Manage Your Wi-Fi Network:

From the main screen, select Settings. Once you’re in Settings you can begin to customize and manage your Wi-Fi network.

All the controls to manage or customize your Wi-Fi network or Forum Access Point are under Access Point.

Access Point 1.png

Naming your Wi-Fi Network (Access Point) or SSID.

Your Wi-Fi Network or Forum Access Point (this is also known as an SSID) comes pre-named as Forum. To customize the name, click on that field and enter your own name. It can be something like Brendas-meeting or Joes-Forum. Select OK when finished.

Acess Point 2.png

Creating a Password for your network.

After you re-name your Wi-Fi network, it will require a password. You can name it anything you like as long as it has:

  1. 7 characters

  2. One number

  3. One upper-case letter

Access Point 3.png

Audience members can now find and join your newly named Wi-Fi network as if they would any network.


Automatically starting your Wi-fi network (FOrum Access point)

You can choose to have your Forum Access Point generate a Wi-Fi signal upon starting-up a Forum presentation. From the same Settings page under Access Point Just switch the toggle Start With Presentation to On or Off.

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