Forum at Gartner Symposium ITXPO 2018

November 12-14 | Tokyo, Japan


 Present Anywhere

Forum™ is a meeting solution that helps eliminate the technological problems experienced when presenting in person.

It creates a local Wi-Fi network, so you can simply broadcast your presentation, exchange ideas and directly connect with your audience—anywhere you want—no internet required.


Gartner Report Download:
How To Find The Right Meeting Solution And Save Money.

If you’re an IT leader responsible for your company’s unified communication and collaboration strategies, check out this helpful report by Gartner, “How to Pick the Right Meeting Solution and Save Money.” Published 10 April 2018.

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Be ready to do business anywhere

Our most important meetings are still done face-to-face. Yet, these meetings are happening in all new places—mostly away from the office.

Being away from HQ and our beloved data, favorite software and dependable Wi-Fi connection brings up technology gaps we’ve all experienced—lost connections, conflicted platforms and inaccessible files are just a few.

We waste too much time navigating these gaps instead of taking advantage of new opportunities. Take advantage of business opportunities when they happen.

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