Smart Meeting Hub

Present anywhere.


Forum can broadcast your presentation to everyone in the room—with or without the Internet. By creating its own personal, Wi-Fi network, anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device and a browser can see your presentation. Yes, it’s that easy.



Welcome to your own Wi-Fi.


Your Personal Wi-fi

Forum creates its own Wi-Fi signal, so other devices easily join your secure network. That means you can create a Wi-Fi network literally anywhere you want.


Everyone Connects

Forum can connect your entire meeting simultaneously (around 25 devices) as long as their devices are Wi-Fi enabled.


Secure and Temporary Network

Turn Forum on and the Wi-Fi network appears. Turn it off and the Wi-Fi is gone. You control when the network appears, who can join, and when to turn it off.


Works with everyone.

Bring your entire meeting together. Forum works with all platforms, operating systems, and devices because it uses the most universal technologies—Wi-Fi and browser. Any device that connects to the Internet can see your presentation—even a smartwatch.


Connect With Your Audience


Field questions

Presenters can field questions from connected audience members, see who asked what and sort the most popular questions to the top.


Download Presentations & Files

Files of any type (including the presentation) can be made available for download at any time during a presentation.


Conduct Polls

Poll your audience and aggregate the answers over multiple meetings. Discover audience trends and gain insights. 


Exchange Contact Info

Securely exchange contact information with your audience for follow up after the meeting. 


Sold out.

Unfortunately, our inventory of Forum Smart Hubs are sold out. Sign up to be notified when Forum is available for purchase.