Forum vs ViaGo

If you're looking for a new meeting solution for you or your office, here is a quick comparison between Forum presentation solution and a wireless presentation system Via Go by Kramer.


  • Forum is software that broadcasts presentations in person to everyone in your meeting, on any network—with or without the internet.

  • Forum can stream up to hundreds of devices, depending on the strength of your network.

  • No apps or software is needed for participants to use Forum.

  • Forum works on any Wi-Fi enabled device (TVs, laptops, tablets, phones).

  • Forum works with all operating systems.

  • Forum has engagement tools like live polls, direct questions and downloading.

  • Forum LIVE can stream a presenter’s screen to everyone in the room—even when using presentation-building software like Powerpoint, Keynote or Presi.


  • Kramer VIA Go is a small device with an HDMI port, a mini display port on a screen/projector, and 2 out-ports for A/C power and LAN. It requires a wall installation.

  • VIA Go allows up to two users to share their screen to one display screen at the same time.

  • Via Go requires an HDMI cord to connect to a display.

  • VIA Go requires extra VIA Site Management (VSM) software for admins to manage multiple gateways.

  • VIA Go is compatible with iOS (including AirPlay), Android, Chromebook, Windows/Windows Phone, and Mac, NOT LINUX.

  • Kramer VIA Go for additional costs, offers additional devices collaboration features, like being able to record live meetings to share with colleagues or students who miss the presentation.

Change the way you present in person.