Forum vs ViaGo

Here is a quick comparison between Forum and a wireless presentation system Via Go by Kramer.


  • Forum is a portable device that works anywhere, it creates its own Wi-Fi network. No ports necessary. No hardware installation.

  • Simultaneous streams to at least 25 devices at one time.

  • Forum is wireless and uses only Wi-Fi to connect.

  • No apps or software is needed for participants to use Forum.

  • Forum works with all operating systems—even the ones not out yet.

  • Forum has engagement tools like live polls, direct questions and downloading presentations or related documents.


  • Kramer VIA Go is a small device with an HDMI port, a mini display port on a screen/projector, and 2 out-ports for A/C power and LAN. It requires a wall installation.

  • VIA Go allows up to two users to share their screen to one display screen at the same time.

  • Via Go requires an HDMI cord to connect to a display.

  • VIA Go requires extra VIA Site Management (VSM) software for admins to manage multiple gateways.

  • VIA Go is compatible with iOS (including AirPlay), Android, Chromebook, Windows/Windows Phone, and Mac, NOT LINUX.

  • Kramer VIA Go for additional costs, offers additional devices collaboration features, like being able to record live meetings to share with colleagues or students who miss the presentation.