Forum vs Airtame

If you're looking for a new meeting solution for you or your office, here is a quick comparison between Forum and another presentation-streaming product, Airtame.


  • Forum is software that broadcasts presentations in person to everyone in your meeting, on any network—with or without the internet.

  • Forum can stream up to hundreds of devices, depending on the strength of your network.

  • No apps or software is needed for participants to use Forum.

  • Forum works on any Wi-Fi enabled device (TVs, laptops, tablets, phones).

  • Forum works with all operating systems.

  • Forum has engagement tools like live polls, direct questions and downloading.

  • Forum LIVE can stream a presenter’s screen to everyone in the room—even when using presentation-building software like Powerpoint, Keynote or Presi.


  • Airtame is a single, small device that requires being inserted into a TV or projector.

  • Airtame is good for displaying on large screens & monitors.

  • Simultaneous streams from 4 devices to one screen.

  • Airtame requires a device for every monitor, which can get expensive.

  • Every meeting participant needs to download software to work.

  • Airtame is compatible with iOS (including AirPlay), Android, Chromebook, Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Airtame has no audience engagement tools.

Change the way you present in person.