What is Forum?

Forum is a software solution that creates a powerful in-person meeting experience that connects presenters and audiences. Meeting attendees connect through their Wi-Fi enabled device and view a presentation while also directly engaging with the presenter. Forum reduces the technological complexity when conducting an in-person presentation.

How does Forum work?

By utilizing any local or independent Wi-Fi network, Forum connects multiple devices to view presentations through a browser window (any browser will work). This means not only can you connect Forum directly to a Wi-Fi enabled main display screen, but you can also broadcast to additional smartphones, tablets or laptops. Everyone sees the same presentation simultaneously.

What kind of devices connect in a Forum meeting?

Any device that can connect to Wi-Fi and can launch a browser window can connect to a Forum. This includes most smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, large-format smart TVs and Wi-Fi enabled projectors.

With what kind of networks does Forum work?

Forum works with Local Area Networks or independent Wi-Fi networks or anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi signal. A connection to the internet is not required for Forum to work just as long as everyone in the Forum can access the same network.

How many devices can Forum connect?

Depending on the size of the network, Forum can connect everyone in small meetings (3-10) to hundreds of audience members in keynote-sized meetings.

Does my presentation need to be in a specific file format?

Yes. Forum currently broadcasts presentations only in a .PDF format—a very common file format. Presentations created in most presentation-creation software (like Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote) can be exported as a .PDF format.

Does Forum work with travel network routers?

Yes. Forum works great with travel network routers that provide an independent Wi-Fi signal. Using Forum on a travel router truly allows a presenter to present anywhere they want as participants just join the router’s Wi-Fi signal.

We offer a recommended travel router that’s been tested to work best with Forum.

GL-AR750 Travel AC Router

  • Powered by Qualcomm QCA9531 SoC,650MHz CPU

  • 300Mbps(2.4G) + 433Mbps(5G) high speed

  • DDR2 128MB RAM

  • Support external storage up to 128GB

  • 16MB Nor flash

  • Small, light, easy to use

  • OpenWrt/LEDE pre-installed

View the GL-AR750 at our store.

Can I share my screen with Forum?

Yes. An additional application, Forum Live, allows you to share your screen at 10fps up to 60fps (4k) rates to everyone connected in your Forum meeting. It’s currently available for download at our store.

Forum Live is now available for download on Windows 10.

Buy Forum Live at our store.

Do I have buy a travel router in order to use Forum?

No. It’s not required to buy a travel router to use Forum, but it is definitely helpful if you want to present anywhere away from an existing network. Using a travel router with Forum gives you additional freedom when presenting because the travel router creates its own Wi-Fi network.Through that Wi-Fi network, an audience can join your Forum and see the presentation.

How can I buy Forum?

You can purchase Forum by downloading the software from our store. Once downloaded, you can finish your purchase by entering the activation code provided and complete the checkout steps online.

Forum is now available for download on Windows 10.

Download Forum from our store.


If you still have a question about Forum, please contact Customer Support.