Forum for Enterprise

Meet anywhere.
Turn your office into a smarter meeting space.

Teams can present and share from anywhere in the office—on any network. With Forum, there’s no internet, hardware, or apps required to view a presentation—just better meetings.


Free your workspace.
Say goodbye to bulky hardware in your conference rooms.

Forum participants only need a Wi-Fi enabled device and a browser to see a presentation.


A win-win for IT.
Forum gives employees the freedom they want and IT departments the security they need.

Participants can use their favorite devices and don’t need any software to view presentations. This can all be done without accessing the internet, which makes Forum secure and easy to manage for technology departments.

  • 2048-bit, military-grade encryption

  • A unique login and password can be configured for participants

  • Forum runs on GravityOS

Custom enterprise solution.

If you’re interested in how Forum can be made to fit any special requirements of your enterprise, we are ready to help.