Creating a Poll

With Forum, you can create polls during any presentation to further engage your audience and start to understand them better. It’s a great way to increase the dialogue in your meetings and start to see larger trends.

An audience poll can be created and assigned to appear on any slide the presenter wants. Here is how to create a poll with Forum.

select census

Select Census from the top menu.



Enter your poll question in the provided field.

3_Creating_a_Poll copy.png

Build your poll response

Switch the toggle to on after poll question is entered. A new window will appear for create your poll question. You can create either a yes/no or multiple-choice question.

4_Creating_a_Poll copy.png

To create more than two response choices, click “Add an Option” to create an additional responses to the poll.

5_Creating_a_Poll copy.png

Assigning the poll to specific slides

The poll can be available throughout the presentation, or you can choose on which slide you want the poll to appear by switching on the “Start Poll on Another Slide” toggle.

Switching on the toggle “End Poll on Slide Navigation” removes the poll from audience view when you move on to the next slide.

6_Creating_a_Poll copy.png

Hit the “OK” button and the poll will appear automatically to your audience on whichever slide(s) you assigned.

7_Creating_a_Poll copy.png

Aggregated poll results can be seen by selecting Census from the main menu.

8_Creating_a_Poll copy.png

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