Connecting Your Audience to Forum

To connect your audience to Forum, they don’t need to download any software or use any cords to join your Forum and see your presentation. All they need is a Wi-Fi enabled device (of their choice) and the ability to launch a browser.

Join together on the same network

Before you’re able to broadcast your presentation to others, everyone needs to be on the same Wi-Fi or Local Area Network. Depending on the size of your meeting, you can create your own Wi-Fi network by creating a Forum access point, or using a travel router to broadcast your presentation. A travel router is recommended to connect audiences with more than five attendees.

CREATE A Forum Access Point (Your own Wi-Fi)

If you’re having a meeting with about 3-5 others (or connecting as many devices), you can use the Forum Access point as a network that others can join just like Wi-Fi.

Once you start a presentation, you are prompted to start a Forum Access Point.

Connect_your_Audience_to Forum1.png

Joining the Forum access point

When your Windows 10 laptop or tablet generates the Forum Access Point for others to join, it appears just like a Wi-Fi network. The Access Point is automatically named Forum. You can change the name of your Forum network in Settings.


Open a browser window

Once your audience has joined the network, instruct them to launch a browser window and type either of the addresses that appears before you play the presentation.

Connect_your_Audience_to Forum2.png

After they launch a browser and enter the right URL (you can customize this URL in Settings), they will see the starting presentation screen and can join the Forum. A successful connection will look like this on your audience’s browser windows.

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