Every Seat is a Front Row

Forum can simultaneously broadcast to one, two, or up to 20 devices—on all different screen sizes and platforms. The back row can get a front-row experience by viewing the same presentation on their personal device.



Ultra Portable

Forget the days of lugging projectors, cords and hard copies of presentations. Forum is ultra-portable and even fits in your 5th jeans pocket. The Forum hardware is the perfect size for having a meeting anywhere you want.


Everyone Connects

With Forum, you’re creating a universal, yet private Wi-Fi hotspot—independent of the Internet. That means anyone you want can connect and see your presentation—regardless of platform, OS, or device. Just connect to Forum and you’re good to go.


Increase the Dialogue

Not only can participants see your presentation, they can directly interact with the presenter by asking questions, downloading related documents or answering polls or presenter questions. It's all done from their personal devices.