Adding Downloads

During any time in the presentation, additional files can be made available for download.

Uploading a file to the Forum App is the same process as uploading a presentation and must be done first. Review how to upload files into the Forum App.

Forum can make any file type available for download: PowerPoints, KeyNotes, PDFs, Word Docs, Video files, etc.

First select Options within the Forum App.


Once in Options, look under Files, you can add any type of file you’d like. Forum automatically makes the current PDF presentation available for download.


Select Add A File and choose from your uploaded files. Then select OK. This will add your download to the presentation. To add more files, repeat this process.


Change the order of your files through the drop-down menu to the right of the file name. Delete any files by selecting X.


From the audience view, participants can download files by selecting download from the menu on the lower right side.


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